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Lift option 


To assure a bigger flexibility of use, we developed an option allowing the use of the FOB as the compatible belt to be used with all the systems of body raise available on the market.


  • Compatible with all systems of body raise available on the market,
  • Easy adaptable to carry handel,
  • Support a maximum weight of 200 kg     (400 lb),
  • Single adjustable belt to insure an optimal positioning.
  • Complete support from the nape to the neck, 
  • No abduction of the legs, 
  • 4 anchor points guaranteeing the distribution of the load on the whole FOB, 
  • Siting comfort and feeling of security.
  • Simple and fast catcher in carrying handles, 
  • Metallic buckles guaranteeing a solid fixation, 
  • Intuitive systems experienced in the paragliding world.
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