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FOB :  inaccessible becomes accessible


The FOB (Fly over Barriers) is a carrier fabric which allows the transfer and the facilitated carry of a person with reduced mobility over obstacles or to cross staircases. Installed easily on every seated or lying person, it allows, in particular, the transfer, the carry and the evacuation, in complete safety, of people with reduced mobility.

The use of the FOB rests on the exploitation of the human strength. The carrier fabric wraps the carried person assuring him a comfortable and secure position. Numerous solid handles allow the carriers (from 2 to 5 people) to catch the fabric by maintaining a security physical position.The load of carry is divided by the number of carriers.

The technology is simple and intuitive.The material arises from technologies used in the extreme sports. Washable and compact, the FOB is tidied up in a small bag, easy to transport. Completed with special belts, he can be used as compatible nacelle for carrer with all actual systems for raising people.




For every person with a handicap and restricted mobility, the question of transfers and crossing over obstacles require be carried settles. How to assure:


· The security of carried person,

· The comfort of carried person,

· Respect of intimacy of carried person,

· The security of the carrier,

· The easiness and facility of transfer.

Technology for adventure

The design of the FOB is based on know-how and products issued from the technology of paragliding and extreme sports. The selection criteria of materials allow to assure solidity, safety and lightness of the product.

The design and the production answer safety standards and of Swiss quality.


Tested and approved by users

Varied uses

The FOB is an innovative system of help to the transfer and carry of people with reduced mobility. Intended both for the private individuals and for the professionals or for  service providers, it is the essential technical assistant in particular for:


  • Places with difficult access: amusement parks, swimming pools, buildings and ships without elevators, 

  • Places with necessary transfer : plane, non adapted transports, theater seats, …

  • Getting over natural obstacles : flooded passages, path with difficult access, snow-covered access, …

  • Any emergency situation requiring the evacuation of a person with disability.


Winter sports

FOB guarantee a comfortable and secure transfer from the wheelchair to the technical aid used to practice ski (dual ski, Tandem ski, etc...).


Within a few seconds transfer is done... Lets go for a full ride of sensations ! 

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