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Puzzle Adventure for adventurers with disabilities



Puzzle Adventure arose from the meeting between a globe-trotter with disability and a mechanical engineer having spended a lot of his holidays as attendee of people living with a disability in the context of leisure activities and adapted hollidays.


Puzzle Adventure aim is :


– To demonstrate that travel, adventure, extreme sport and discovery of new horizons and new sensations are also possible for people living with a disability


– To develop and promote products which are adapted to the people living with a disability within a context of

travel and adventure


– To gather practical informations and experiences in order to help and support people living with a disability to organize their stay abroad, their adapted adventures.


Puzzle Aventure can count on the expertise, the now how of Occupational therapists of Puzzle Consulting SARL.


Puzzle Aventure is a departement of  Puzzle Consulting Sàrl., a expert compagny in the field of Occupationnal therapy, environment adaptation, technial aids and support to social participation of people with disabilities.


The Staff


Pierre Margot Cattin is born wih arthrogriposis multiplex congenitalis (AMC) and use an electric powered chair for its mobility. Heavily dependant on other's help within everyday life activities, he try to develop highly adapted solutions to ensure his full social participation. Fanatic of Travel, he visitd more than 25 countrie. As lawyer and anthropologist, he is strongly involved in the fight for equal opportunitis of people with disabilities and is Chair person of Equality



Sidney Salgues is engineer in mechanics. He spended lots of time when he was young as volunteer in the support of people with disability in the context of leisure activities and holidays with specialized associations. He carries a big interest in the development of technical helps and has a big experience in personal attendee support and assistance of people with disability. He intervened both within the framework of adapted structures and journeys in campsite or in regions of the world where the adaptation is more difficult.

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